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Our Relationship

Driven by our compassion to help the oppressed Nagas' by using our entrepreneurial spirit bound by innovation and technical knowledge, we constantly redefine how we will influence fair legislation to uplift the people of Nagalim.
Executive Leadership

H.E. The Hon. President and Founder Grace Collins
by on the job training and experience is a cultural diplomat. She graduated from Boston College in 1985 in Fine Arts, received her MBA from Durham University, UK in 1989 and did course work for a second Masters of Education, Museum studies from Columbia Teachers' College, in New York City. Collins in 1990 started her own recycled mail order company working with the homeless in shelters providing them a voice using recycled materials. The recycled art catalog eventually evolved into a traveling "Museum of Homeless Art" exhibited at hi-profile locations (later renamed Museum of Compassion - dedicated to Mother Teresa, which was awarded in 1998 the title as of one of the 52 UN Peace Museums). Simultaneously she worked for the United Nations from 1993-1995 for UNDP United Nations Education Training Program for Southern Africa post Apartheid and DDSMS - Department of Development Support and Management Services. Collins taught four business related courses at the Learning Annex and Seminar Center in NYC for four years. In 1995 she started her own independent socially responsible consulting practice and focuses on grant writing, internet start-ups, new green technologies and homeland security projects. Collins has been cited in numerous radio, TV and print for her work and has sat on nine boards. Collins met a Senior level Naga diplomat in 1997, when she was hanging her Museum of Compassion exhibit for the 50th year Declaration of Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland. It is at that time she started voluntarily speaking on behalf of the Nagas to Churches and Art Museums. In 2003, the Naga's officially asked her to represent them in the US on a full time basis, Collins in hopes of her attracting US / UN political support, she registered with the Department of Justice, Counterespionage Department as FA #5566 and was recognized as the Honorary Ambassador of Nagalim. H.E. Had successfully created awareness in hosting high profile events in San Francisco, Hollywood C.A. Washington D.C. and numerous events in The U.S. Congress. She published many articles and a Goodwill Missions White paper and facilitated visas for many Naga's to come to America. More information can be found in their archives on her activities. Miss. Collins' motivation and inspiration comes from her Korean heritage. Her great uncle, Rev. Kingsley K. Lyu, was the first Korean representative to the UN. He was a Korean delegate in 1945 in San Francisco during a time when Korea was still considered an "Underground Government" just as the government of Nagalim is today. Her grandparents on her 'mothers side were also very active in the fight for Korean independence during the Japanese occupation.
Her family maintains a scholarship program for studying human rights, had it not been for the invaluable support and efforts of the UN, pared with bold individuals of integrity, like her grandparents, Korea might never have been otherwise recognized and grown into the world power that it has. She now has the privilege of representing the Nagas 75 years later and hopes they will one day live a life free from poverty and oppression.

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."  - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Chief Legal Council, Manjaagiin Ichinnorov a.k.a Nora Manjaa, Nora possesses 20 years of experience as a Human Rights Attorney has a keen knowledge and passion for the use of International Human Rights Laws, proven mechanisms and the existing laws to bring higher standard benchmarks and reforms to Nagalim--by employing Strategic Human Rights Litigation and Advocacy techniques. Her efforts in defending and advocating human rights have enabled crucial reforms in the criminal justice system, prison reforms, victim protection and developing legislation to protect women and children suffering from violence and abuse. Some of her notable achievement include: being the first Chief of the Witness and Victim Protection Department of the Mongolian Marshal Authority, an agency within the Ministry of Justice, as well as establishing the first-of-a-kind personal development training programs for women, families, youth, and leaders in Mongolia. She has a rich experience in working in and with the non-governmental-civil society sector, the government, the judicial system, training institutions, and international donor organizations. Nora graduated from the Irkutsk National University Law faculty (1993) and studied in the International Legal Studies Program of the Washington College of Law of American University in Washington, D.C. (2001) and she is an alumnus of the President Eisenhower Multi-nation Leadership Program (2005) there. She was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Award "For Fighting against Social  Injustices with Peaceful Means" in September 2007 by the India Mongolia  Friendship Association. She is an Eisenhower Fellowship Leadership  Alumni (2005) and the Mongolian Professional Fellowship Award by the Open Society Institute in 1999. June 1999-August 2001; and was a Senior fellow at the Women and  Public Policy Program Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government January 2006- May 2006.

Attorney Manjaa commented: "I am thrilled to be part of the wonderful team at this prestigious Council with a rich track record of accomplishment. I look forward to aiding the people of Nagalim with the legal protection and knowledge they so richly deserve".

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